11-11 Memories Retold DLC to Support War Child Charity

By Rebecca Smith, 3 months ago
11-11 Memories Retold puts players in the shoes of two characters on either side of the World War I conflict. Neither of these characters are front line combatants; instead, the game focuses on the impact of war on the duo as they carry out their support roles. Publisher Bandai Namco has now revealed that the game will be getting DLC that also explores how the war effects children, and all of the profits from this DLC will be going to support the War Child UK charity.

The "War Child Charity" DLC will tell the story of Jack and Eva, two children caught up in the conflict of World War I. The story will be told through letters, drawings, and photographs that players can find throughout the game, and like the collectibles and story of the main game, these letters have been inspired by the real stories of some of the children who have benefitted from the actions of War Child UK, a charity that aims to "protect, educate and stand up for the rights of children caught up in conflict". In the game's latest vlog, voice actor Elijah Wood explains more:

As we found out just yesterday, developers from both DigixArt and Aardman have been working with historians to try to create an accurate portrayal of World War I throughout the game. In this second vlog, we rejoin Aardman's Ricky Martin as he introduces A Playable Heritage. We hear from the game's director Yoan Fanise as well as historian Peter Doyle and archivist Ad Polle as they explain the lengths they've gone through to ensure historical accuracy while telling a fictional story.

In the final vlog for today, we once again talk to historian Peter Doyle as well as several of the game's developers at DigixArt about how player interactions can affect the story's direction, and perhaps even its conclusion. Players will have to make Meaningful Choices.

11:11 Memories Retold and its "War Child Charity" DLC will both be arriving on November 9th. The DLC will cost £2.99 or regional equivalent, and 100% of the profits from this DLC will be donated to War Child UK.

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Rebecca Smith
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