Three Fields Entertainment Shows Behind The Scenes For Dangerous Driving

By Andy Mills, 3 months ago
Now that they've released the first of the their two Burnout-esque titles with the Crash mode inspired Danger Zone 2 back in July, Three Fields Entertainment has turned their full attention to the second, Dangerous Driving. While they work on the upcoming arcade racing game, the team have also been providing players with a look behind the scenes with a couple of videos (so far).

In the first episode, we hear about what you can expect to see with regards to the game's racing tracks with a first look at the rather snowy Eagle Ridge, and a look at how some of the game's AI drivers are programmed. Not only that, we see Piper, Ollie and Lucky, the three dogs that are at the office each day.

For the second episode, we take a trip to Nottingham to hear from Simon about what went into the creation of the game's logo. Of course, there's also some time for what the stars of the first developer diary — the dogs — have been getting up to, as well as a discussion of the upcoming (at the time it was recorded at least) trip to Madrid to show off the title.

Dangerous Driving is currently scheduled to hit the road this winter.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the Dangerous Driving achievements.
Andy Mills
Written by Andy Mills
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