Defiance 2050's Trouble in Paradise Update and Crusader Pack Delayed

By Nicole René, 3 months ago
Set to release in early October, Defiance 2050's "Trouble in Paradise" as well as the "Crusader Class Pack" have been delayed for Xbox users until further notice. Developer Trion Worlds gave the announcement on October 15th they were unaware when content would be available again.

The newest expansion is set to add plenty to the game, including the Hulker Hell seasonal event. Players can gain Halloween-themed Prototypes and weapon skins during this time. Additional content is also set in motion for Arkfalls as a whole, such as adding more enemies, waves, and score-based rewards to the previous system. And finally, the melee-based Crusader class is set to arrive, including a character title and outfit to match.

Defiance 2050

There's also a multitude of repairs added with the patch. Besides the numerous bug fixes added, new mission content and rewards are set to release, both to the daily and weekly bonuses. A new weapon vanity system will also allow for customized loot through the application of skins. And lastly, developers have fixed the previously unobtainable Incursion-Excursion achievement, so good news for achievement hunters.

Defiance 2050Incursion-ExcursionThe Incursion-Excursion achievement in Defiance 2050 worth 314 pointsComplete 25 sieges

The bad news is that there's no estimate on when "Trouble in Paradise" or the "Crusader Class Pack" will be available to players in the future. For now, we'll keep an eye out for any new developments.

We've got the full list of Defiance 2050 achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.

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