Hand of Fate 2 Update and DLC Launch Today

By Lucy Wood, 3 months ago
Defiant Development has announced that new DLC for Hand of Fate 2 launches today, along with the free "Combat Reforged" update which will improve battle mechanics and rebalance enemies and equipment.

Two paid DLCs should appear on the market today, priced at $6.99 / €5.99 / £4.99 each. "Outlands and Outsiders" has been available on Steam for some time, while "The Servant and the Beast" is new to all platforms. Outlands and Outsiders for Hand of Fate 2 includes a new goblin companion called Hubie the Orphan and his questline, as well as some new cards to collect.

The Servant and the Beast for Hand of Fate 2 is more ambitious in scope, with a new campaign in the Game of Life and Death. In it the player must make a deal with Veles the Shadow Beast, who demands blood in exchange for helping the player to escape the fighting pits. Veles will also be available as a companion with a revenge-themed questline, new encounters and gear.

The Hand of Fate 2 "Combat Reforged" update, "Outlands and Outsiders" DLC and "The Servant and The Beast" DLC will be available soon.

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Lucy Wood
Written by Lucy Wood
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