The Haunted Hallows Event Begins for Rocket League

By NicoleRenee00,
The time for fall celebrations is near, and one of the many games jumping onto the Halloween bandwagon is Rocket League as it re-introduces the Haunted Hallows event, starting from October 15th and ending on November 5th. You can check out the trailer below.

For those new to the event, competing in online matches will qualify players to collect the new, limited time in-game currency. The currency is in the form of Candy Corn, and this year there is the addition of Golden Pumpkins as well. Pumpkins can go towards unlocking items from Player's Choice Series 2, Nitro, and Turbo Crates. The Candy Corn, once a decent amount has been accumulated, can be used to purchase goodies such as limited-time Halloween Items, Decryptors, and Locked "Haunted Hallows" Crates.

Keep in mind that currency can only be gained from matches the player completes, so quitters won't be prospering this time around. Once again, the event ends on November 5th.

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