Dance Central 3 Achievement Reminder

By James Kearle, 3 months ago
For Dance Central 3 enthusiasts, or achievement hunters looking to deep dive into some older dance titles for some sweet gamerscore, we have another friendly reminder of a time-sensitive achievement, "Go Shorty".

Dance Central 3Go ShortyThe Go Shorty achievement in Dance Central 3 worth 44 pointsPerform "In Da Club" with a character on that character's birthday.

You have two opportunities this week to grab this one — today, October 16th, or this Saturday, October 20th. There's also a third opportunity at the end of the month on October 30th. If you're unsure which characters have birthdays coming up, we've got you covered:

  • Rasa - October 16th
  • Miss Aubrey - October 20th
  • Lil' T - October 30th
Riptide Screen 7

For those who haven't started Dance Central 3 yet, please be aware that two achievements are discontinued due to the online servers being shut down.

We've got the full list of Dance Central 3 achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
James Kearle
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