New Patch Notes for Star Trek Online Changes Red Alerts

By Caleb Greer, 3 months ago
Previously available throughout the week, yesterday's patch notes in Star Trek Online include altering Red Alerts by making them only available as special weekend events. But don't worry, the rewards for these events are being improved, and the cooldowns are being removed! Aside from that, the usual round of bug fixes are also present.


These are the full patch notes for consoles:

  • Discovery lockbox items have been added to the Infinity Lockbox.
    • More Infinity Boxes will be available to get on 11/06.
  • Red Alerts have been changed to special weekend events.
  • Resolved an issue which was blocking some people from spending Expertise after accumulating a large amount of it.
  • Resolved incorrect descriptions on the DS9 Lockbox Accolade Rewards Boxes.
    • “Coalition Unraveler” updated to “Envoy of the Celestial Temple”
    • “Wile of the Coalition” updated to “Nothing Left Behind”
  • Resolved an issue that was causing the Hunter Power Armor to not properly appear in players power wheel.
  • The Klingon version of "Evaluate Cardassian Science Bridge Officer Applicant" was rewarding a Klingon Bridge officer on non-critical success.
    • It will now appropriately reward a Cardassian Bridge Officer.
Known Issues
  • There is currently an issue where queues will sometimes not begin.
The patch is live as of October 16th, so have fun adventuring into the depths of space and beyond!

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