Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter 4 Brings Better Exploration and Mining

By Rebecca Smith, 3 months ago
The Beyond season in Elite: Dangerous has been adding new content for players for the last eight months. Chapter 4, the final chapter of the season, will be changing exploration and mining, introducing Squadrons, and bringing along a host of other improvements and updates. Dubbed the biggest update of the year, it will be entering beta on PC next week and should arrive on Xbox One before the end of the year.

Beyond Chapter 4

The update will bring along a new Analysis Mode aimed to improve the way players explore the galaxy. Using their Exploration Discovery Scanner, players will be able to perform an initial scan of the surrounding area before using a Detailed Discovery Scanner to fine tune those results to locate stellar bodies, zones of conflict, Unidentified Signal Sources, and "other phenomena". The aim of this is to allow players to make better decisions on where they want to go next and what they want to achieve. Once players arrive at their chosen location, probes can be sent onto planetary surfaces and rings to allow detailed mapping and to locate points of interest on a more local scale.

Mining will also benefit from Chapter 4 with new tools and exploration mechanics that allow players to locate the best mining spots in planetary rings before they start. With enough practice, players will be able to link together their detonations as effectively as possible to reap maximum rewards.

Beyond Chapter 4

In terms of multiplayer, Squadrons will bring together "like-minded" Commanders to take part in Community Goals and compete for the best spot on the weekly leaderboards. Frontier will also be adding communication tools like in-game chat channels and a web portal where players can manage their Squadron.

Finally, Chapter 4 will also introduce "visual improvements, background simulation updates, and (yet to be revealed) new ships and cockpit interface changes". The developer will be revealing more about all of the above content in a series of livestreams that begin tomorrow. In the meantime, you can catch a brief glimpse of some of the features in the teaser trailer below.

The upcoming Chapter will enter a four-week beta period on PC platforms next week. The content should arrive on Xbox One soon after the beta has ended.

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