Kill Sean Bean in HITMAN 2

By James Kearle,
With HITMAN 2 releasing on November 13th, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and IO Interactive have just announced that Sean Bean, Hollywood's favourite man to kill, will be the game's first elusive target.

Bean undertakes the role of Mark Faba, an MI5 agent notoriously known as “The Undying”. Faba has faked his own death a few too many times. Now, the contract killer has fallen out of favour with the International Contract Agency (ICA), who has put a bounty on his head. The only one who can kill the Undying is Agent 47 himself. The trailer below acquaints the two, but not before an enlightening therapy session.

For those who missed predecessor HITMAN, elusive targets are a series of time-sensitive contracts requiring Agent 47 to assassinate a specific target appearing for a limited time. You get one shot to complete your mission — if you die, the contract cannot be retried. You can try to kill Sean Bean starting November 20th, a week after HITMAN 2's release, and he will be available for 10 days, but remember, you only have one shot.

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James Kearle
Written by James Kearle
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