Battlefield V and Xbox Team Up to Reveal Weapon Specialization Options

By James Kearle, 3 months ago
With the launch of Battlefield V getting ever closer, EA DICE and Xbox have delivered more pre-launch details, this time regarding the weapon specialization options that will be available.

Through in-game currency, players will be able to modify and enhance their weapon of choice to focus on reload speed, recoil reduction, lightened stocks and much, much more. Specialization options are bespoke to a specific weapon, and customization is never permanent. Everyone is free to try different weapons setups and experiment at any time.

E3 screenshots

To provide a clearer overview of what the specialization options will look like, they have revealed the specialization tree for the EMP weapon to elaborate. The close quarters submachine gun comes with eight specializations and two tree paths, with gamers being able to go all-in on one path or mix it up between the two. See the details for yourself here:

Specialization Path One
  • Slings and Swivels: Allows swapping to your EMP or sidearm faster. Don’t have time to reload? No problem. And you can shoot sooner after sprinting.
  • Enhanced Grips: Improves your base accuracy when firing without taking careful aim and gives you 33% better range.
  • Polished Action: Decreases your hip fire inaccuracy by about 40%. Great for those who like to shoot first and ask questions later.
  • Recoil Buffer: Diminishes vertical recoil by about 20% to keep your weapon steadier, so you end up hitting more than the scenery.
Specialisation Path Two
  • Quick Aim: Zoom in faster when aiming down the sight. In a firefight, even a millisecond or two can make all the difference.
  • Custom Stock: Stay on target by reducing bullet spread by 33%
  • Lightened Stock: While aiming you can move 60% quicker. Makes shooting from behind cover or around a corner way faster.
  • Barrel Bedding: Reduces spread by 75% when aiming, letting you line up a headshot (or two).
E3 screenshots

Finally, they have also confirmed that there will be weapon-specific special assignments available to you once all items within a weapon's specialization tree have been unlocked. These in-game challenges unlock "unique vanity items" for that weapon, which players can use for an additional visual upgrade.

Battlefield V launches on November 20th. Are you excited? Let us know in the comments.

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