See What SOULCALIBUR VI Has to Offer in New Trailers

By Ethan Anderson, 3 months ago
SOULCALIBUR VI has just launched, but Bandai Namco recently released two trailers to drum up some last-minute hype for the game. The first is your standard launch trailer, and the second goes through the numerous modes that players can expect to see within the game.

The feature trailer briefly outlines the 3D fighter's modes, which include Arcade, the Soul Chronicle and Libra of Soul stories, Creation, Online Battle, and Museum. Arcade mode allows you to fight eight CPU opponents in a standard arcade style. Soul Chronicle has players following the canon SOULCALIBUR storyline while Libra of Soul sets players on their own journeys with created characters. In Creation, players can make their own characters from scratch, download designs from the community, or edit characters on the existing roster. Lastly, Museum mode contains character information, an image gallery, gameplay strategies, and provides access to the game's background music. You can get a quick look at all of these features in the trailer below.

Which modes are you most looking forward to getting hands-on time with in SOULCALIBUR VI?

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Ethan Anderson
Written by Ethan Anderson
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