FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Becomes an Ultimate Scream

By Rebecca Smith, 3 months ago
When every other game is seemingly getting into the Halloween spirit, it would be a shame for FIFA 19 not to get involved, so they have. Ultimate Scream is back for another year, and this time there are 21 shapeshifting players unleashed in the game's FIFA Ultimate Team mode.

Ultimate Scream

Each of the shapeshifting players have a unique shell and their overall rating has been increased by +1. Most importantly, though, two of their attributes will always be boosted to a score of at least 90. Which attributes these are remain to be seen, and they will randomly change throughout the season whenever a shift occurs.

Most of the players can be found as special player items in FUT packs until 10am PDT on November 1st. However, the event's FAQ also states that two of the players can only be gained through Squad Building Challenges, while a third can only be earned through Objectives. You can see a full list of players here, or get a quick glimose of them in the trailer below.

While Ultimate Scream is only running until November 1st, the shapeshifting players are yours to keep and will continue to have their attributes changed until the end of the season. Which player are you hoping to find?
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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