Weekend Announcements October 19-21st Pt. 1: Carnival Games, JackQuest and More

By Rebecca Smith,
If you're not familiar with weekend announcements, you would be forgiven. Over the last few weeks, the feature had taken a hiatus, but this week it's back. Not only are there the titles that were revealed across the weekend, we've also got everything you might have missed since last month. This makes a grand total of 26 titles to see today covering a wide range of genres. There's so many of them that we're running the feature in two parts. Take a look at the list below for details on the first 13 titles.

A Place for the Unwilling

Kowloon Nights is a new investment fund set up with the aim of helping independent game developers to bring their titles to the market. They do this by tailoring the funding to each studio's needs while letting them keep control of their game's IP, and it is still up to the developer to find a way to publish their title. One of the first wave of games funded by the project is Al Pixel's "sandbox adventure game set in an open world" where players take on the role of just a normal city dwelling trader. You must manage his schedule, arrange trades and earn money to live, interact with other people, and do all the things a normal person would do, but then you must also uncover the mysteries of why the city is dying and why some people are deliberately trying to destroy it. The title is due to arrive on consoles next year.

Astalon: Tears of the Earth

LABSworks and DANGEN have teamed up to bring their 80s inspired sidescrolling action platformer to Xbox One. Players assume the roles of three explorers, each with their own unique skills and personalities, who must travel across the post-apocalyptic desert and save their fellow villagers. Along the way they find a tower that has risen from the depths of the Earth, and it's here they go looking for answers. Those answers take the form of evil monsters, puzzles, and a variety of items that allow them to go further into the tower with every attempt they make. Will they eventually reach the top?

Back In 1995

Throw the warped code out's title does exactly what it says on the tin — it takes players back to the sort of "survival horror and mystery" games found on the PlayStation during that year, complete with polygon graphics and appropriate sound effects. Players enter a typically soulless city after a catastrophe has taken hold. The anonymous protagonist is looking for his missing daughter, and at the same time he must find out the reason for the catastrophe. The title aims to "replicate the unique feeling of those early games" when it appears on Xbox One thanks to publisher Ratalaika Games.

Carnival Games

2K Games' county fair party game franchise returns to modern consoles under the watchful eye of developer Mass Media. There will be a total of 20 mini-games to try out with up to four players. There are new games, such as racing drones in Light Speed and bowling in Cosmic Strike, as well as those familiar from previous titles, like shooting hoops in Swish and tackling unfriendly clowns in Clowning Around. Each win will reward tickets that can be used buy new outfits for the game's characters. See what type of wacky costume you can create when the game is released on Xbox One on November 6th.


Details about this new "puzzle-adventure" title from Amanita Design are scarce right now. All we know is that players will get to meet their new neighbours as they enter a mysterious underground world filled with a whole range of weird and wonderful enemies. See what you can glean from the trailer below as we wait for more details before it is released on consoles next year.

Degrees of Separation

Moondrop Studios has joined forces with Modus Games to bring their "atmospheric 2D puzzle-adventure game" to Xbox One. Ember and Rime embody the aspects of hot and cold climates respectively, and they're able to harness the powers of those climates to explore their fantasy world, solve puzzles, and overcome obstacles that get in their way. Despite having to work together, the pair remain separated by a force that prevents them from getting too close. Players will be able to take on the challenge on their own or with a co-op partner when the title arrives in February 2019.

Gem Smashers

Raylight Games' block smashing title features over 100 levels spread across eight worlds. Players assume the role of three creatures who managed to evade capture when Earth was invaded. Each has their own speed, bounce and style, and player must use this to rescue their friends by breaking the crystal cells in which they're imprisoned. Once that's done, they need to reach the spacecraft belonging to the evil IMBU and stop him from taking over the world. As well as the campaign, the game will include a Battle Mode where two players can duke it out to smash as many gems as they can in the time limit. The game will be arriving on Xbox One on November 2nd thanks to publisher Funbox Media.


A Place for the Unwilling isn't the only title Kowloon Nights is funding. In fact, alongside that one and The Darwin Project are three other games that are making their way to consoles. Counterplay Games' AAA "third person online action combat" title that focuses on real time PvE and PvP melee combat is one of those other three, but apart from the brief description you've just seen, little else is known about the game. It will be coming to consoles in the future.

Hacky Zack

Spaceboy Games' "precision-platforming puzzle-stunt game" put players in the shoes of the titular Zack. Across over 100 levels, he must bounce off walls and juggle balls that give him different abilities to avoid falling to his death, with multiple ways to finish each of the levels. Along the way, players can collect stickers that unlock Target Mode levels, time-trial challenges where players must smash diamonds as quickly as possible. There's also Goal Mode that tasks players with guiding the ball to the end of the level. The title will arrive on Xbox One on February 15th, 2019 thanks to port specialists Stage Clear Studios and publisher Digerati.

JackQuest: Tale of the Sword

NX Games' "fast-paced fantasy action platformer" takes place one night when protagonist Jack is walking in the woods with his girlfriend Nara. The problem is she's kidnapped by an orc called Korg, who takes her back to his underground base. Following them with hopes to rescue Nara, Jack enters the base and finds a strange blade that's more than happy to help him. As players explore the maze-like lair, they'll need to solve puzzles, collect weapons, power ups and new abilities, and defeat enemies. Korg isn't the only boss that can be found down there. Thanks to publisher Blowfish Studios, the game will be arriving on Xbox One later this year.

Log Jammers

Mega Cat Studios had already created their "competitive, arcade sports game" for PC and NES, so they took to Kickstarter to gather the funds together to create a console port. Drawing inspiration from titles like Windjammers, players throw axes at their opponent's goal, and the only way they'll stop you from scoring is to catch it and throw it back. Each character has their own unique throw that's unleashed when they catch a star, and power ups will either help you directly or hinder your enemy. After successfully reaching their funding target, you'll be able to throw axes at each other on Xbox One in Q1 2019.

Mad Streets

Formerly known as Mean Streets before a trademark issue got in the way, Craftshop Arts' beat 'em up is the third of Kowloon Nights' titles to feature today. The town of Gutsford is being affected by the football team and the rest of the college cliques running wild, being abusive to the locals, and screwing with their businesses. Players are in charge of Bouncers Inc., a business whose only aim is to help out those affected by their behaviour. Succeeding at a job rewards cash that can be used for more combat training, food, or any other luxury you might want, but spend too much and you won't be able to pay off your debts... and when it comes to those, the football players are the least of your worries. The game is heading to consoles in the future.

MudRunner 2

Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive have once again teamed up to bring the sequel to Spintires: Mudrunner to consoles. Players will once again tackle extreme landscapes in a variety of all-terrain vehicles, while the prequel's "renowned physics engine, realistic driving mechanics, intense environments and sandbox gameplay" will make its return. This will be accompanied by "new features and enhancements", although we have no details of those yet. More information is promised next year, beginning with the publisher's What’s Next de Focus press event in Q1 2019, but for now we'll just have to wait and see.

Mudrunner 2

Stay tuned for part two and the remaining 13 titles that you may have missed.
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Written by Rebecca Smith
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