Weekend Announcements Pt. 2: Shadowgate, Xenon Racer, Youtubers Life and More

By Rebecca Smith,
Following on from part one and the undertaking to introduce you to a total of 26 new titles today, part two brings along the final 13 titles on the list. Once again, they cover a wide variety of genres and there should be something for everyone. Take a look at the list below:

Pipe Push Paradise

Port specialists Stage Clear Studios and publisher Digerati already have one title in this list, and now Corey Martin's small but "difficult open world puzzle game" will also appear on Xbox One because of them. Players arrive on an island in need of some plumbing assistance. By pushing pipes around to solve puzzles, players will be able to restore the island to its former self. The title will be arriving on February 8th, 2019.

Pro Fishing Simulator

You wait years for a fishing game to show up, then several show up at once. Following hot on the heels of Dovetail Games Euro Fishing and Fishing Sim World is this offering from Sanuk Games and Bigben Interactive. The simulator offers players the chance to fish in nine areas across the world, such as the Seychelles and Colorado. You'll get to use over 100 pieces of official equipment from brands like Strike King, Lew's, and Vision as you try to catch 79 different species of fish. Six fishing techniques will be on offer in the game, including fly fishing, line fishing, and boat fishing. The title will be reeled in on Xbox One on November 29th.


Mighty Polygon's puzzle title takes place in the 21st century after the discovery of Y-Astra. The substance had great energy properties with the ability to affect gravity and create magnetic anomalies. Players assume the role of Angelica Patel, a scientist leading a team of people trying to find out more about the substance and the phenomena it creates. An energy overload causes the majority of the base to lose power, trapping her daughter and blocking off much of the base, Angelica needs to work her way through the botanical, glacial, arid, and tropical areas of the base to save her, as well as work out how the incident occurred. Players will get to explore the base for themselves when the game arrives on Xbox One next year.

Sea Salt

Y/CJ/Y's "reversal action strategy game" is the last of Kowloon Nights' first round of titles. As Dagon, the Eldritch force of the sea, players control a swarm of monsters tasked with killing hunters, peasants, and "all religious figures of the old and new faith". The ultimate target is the high bishop of the church, but to get there, you must use tarot cards to summon monsters and destroy anybody who gets in your way. Players will be able to choose the route they take, meaning they'll sometimes face different encounters depending on that choice. The title will be heading to consoles in the future.

Shadow of Loot Box

On a mission to port as many indie titles to consoles as they can, Ratalaika Games' next project is Stately Snail's first-person shooter that celebrates all of the popular trends players love to hate about modern games, such as lootboxes, micropayments, pre-pre early access, lootboxes, cut content, bugs, and more lootboxes. In fact, every level of the game is a reference to one of those trends in "an attempt to present what video games can become in the near future". The title will be heading to Xbox One later this year.


If you've played 8-Bit Adventure Anthology (Volume One), you may already be familiar with this classic MacVenture point and click title. The anthology included a port of the NES version of the title, but now developer Abstraction Games has taken it upon themselves to completely re-imagine the PC version of the title. Together with original developer Zojoi, they've not only refined the user interface and the wheel-based icon command system, they've put in new puzzles, new rooms and more objects as players enter a ruined castle, home of the evil Warlock Lord. Being the last of a great line of hero-kings, it's up to you to defeat the Warlock and prevent him from summoning the demon Behemoth. The title is currently set to launch on Xbox One this fall.

Silver Chains

Cracked Heads Games has teamed up with Headup Games to bring their "first-person horror game" to Xbox One. Players assume the role of Peter, who wakes up in an abandoned rural English mansion after an accident. He doesn't know how or why he got there, but he knows the house is full of dark secrets and there's a chance he isn't alone.As he investigates, he even finds clues that suggest he might have been there before. Players need to explore and discover clues if they're to piece together the mystery of the mansion when the game arrives in spring 2019.

Subdivision Infinity DX

In Mistfly Games' "sci-fi 3D space shooter", Sgt. Jed Riddle and his intergalactic fighter are sent to investigate a mining facility with which communications were lost. After a shootout, Riddle discovers not everything is as it seems and he travels across several star systems uncovering several dark secrets. Players will take part in dogfights and boss battles over more than 40 missions, as well as taking on bounties, mining for minerals, crafting upgrades and unlocking new ships. The title is due to arrive on Xbox One in early 2019 thanks to publisher Blowfish Studios.

Super Pixel Racers

H2 Interactive's arcade racer is heading to Xbox One courtesty of publisher PQube. There are more traditional racing modes, like Rally and Rally Cross, to those where players duke it out on the track, such as Takedown and Hunt. There's even a mode that concentrates on the game's simple drifting mechanics. The pint-sized race tracks are inspired by real life locations, such as Bahrain and Canada, and your winnings can be used to purchase better vehicles to give you an edge. Players can race against each other in splitscreen or online when the game arrives next week on October 31st.

The Amazing T.k's Suburban Nightmares

Inspired by the horror/slasher pop culture that emerged in the 80s, this multiplayer survival horror title pits players against each other in a suburban landscape, although other players aren't the only danger. There's a serial killer who's still terrorising his victims, and plenty of copycat psycopaths that he's inspired. Players will collect the souls of the enemies they kill; the person with the most at the end of the match will be declared the winner. Each of the maps will accommodate four players locally and have six AI characters with unique weapons and statistics. Having been funded on Kickstarter, the title is now aiming for a Xbox One release on February 18th, 2019.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator

Not to be confused with Sanuk Games' offering above, Ultimate Games is creating their own fishing simulator, although this one is quite a way off from release. Developed by Bit Golem, players have a choice of seven locations based on real places, as well as two spots specifically for ice fishing. Players will have to perfect a range of fishing techniques, like spinning, bottom and fly fishing. The title offers "several dozen" fish species, dynamic weather, a variety of boats, the ability to develop skills, a fishery editor, multiplayer modes, and an "additional view from the perspective of the bait". The title will eventually arrive on Xbox One in Q4 2019.

Xenon Racer

Teased a few weeks ago, SOEDESCO's new title is indeed a racing game. After numerous incorrect predictions by others (so far), it seems like the year 2030 is when flying cars will be prevalent, at least if developer 3DClouds.it is correct. To give them one final hurrah, a racing championship tournament has been organised for more traditional wheeled vehicles, now powered by Xenon gas. The futuristic streets covered in neon are the settings for the tournament, travelling across the world to locations such as Dubai and Tokyo. However, if you want to reach those breakneck speeds and claim victory, you're still going to have to overcome the effects of massive g-forces. The title will be flying onto Xbox One "soon".

Youtubers Life - OMG Edition

Already released on PC and mobile, U-Play Online's "ultimate life simulation game" will be arriving on Xbox One in the form of an OMG Edition. As you can possibly assume from the title, the aim of the game is to become the most successful youtuber in the world. Starting from a room in your parents' house, you'll be creating videos, gaining subscribers and interact with commenters. Once you become big enough, you'll be able to attend events, monetise content, sign exclusive deals and sponsorships, and gain fame as a popular influencer, but that will also bring the haters, of course. You can choose to specialise in gaming, music, or cooking, or spread your time between all three subjects. How big will your career get? You'll be able to find out when the game arrives on Xbox One on November 14th thanks to publisher Raiser Games.

Will you be picking up any of these titles?
Rebecca Smith
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