Trion Worlds Acquired By Gamigo, Massive Layoffs Rumored

By Kevin Tavore,
Sometimes game developer acquisitions can be good news. It certainly was when Microsoft picked up five new teams earlier this year. But it's not always so bright, and things are looking grim for Defiance 2050 and Trove developer Trion Worlds. Trion confirmed on their forums that the acquisition was taking place and would lead to layoffs, though the post was suspiciously scant of detail. Gamasutra had previously dug deeper and found the layoffs to be "significant" in the studio's California and Texas studios. According to their sources, only about 25 developers remain out of around 200, which is going to have a substantial and significant affect on the developer's games if true.

Closed beta

This is still early news and most burning questions don't have answers. We don't know if Defiance and Trove will be shut down — it's pretty clear Trion as we know it won't continue support, but Gamigo might with another studio. We also don't know what Gamigo intends to do with Trion's properties in general. At this point, all we can do is hope the developers who've lost their jobs land on their feet. We wish them well.
Kevin Tavore
Written by Kevin Tavore
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