Super Mega Baseball 2 Update 5 Changes Pennant Races

By Rebecca Smith, 3 months ago
A little while ago, Metalhead Software began teasing a large update for Super Mega Baseball 2, which would include major alterations to the Pennant Race mode like changes to Ego, Rating, matchmaking, and locking players to a single team for the entire race. That patch, known as Update 5, has now gone live, and we have all of the bug fixes and gameplay improvements for you, including those made to other aspects of the game.


Since the game was released, players have been providing feedback on the way Ego and the Rating system worked. Taking that into account, the developer has now changed the way Ego is assigned to create "better-scoring games" that are more fun. A lot of players might find they now play at a lower Ego, but this should improve matchmaking times as there are more players with Ego close to each other. Meanwhile, the primary factor in the Rating system is no longer run differential. Instead, wins and losses have more of an influence.

In terms of other changes to Pennant Races, players will be locked into a single team throughout the entire race, and team stats are now recorded for each game. Before you join each match, there's the option to change your starting lineup, and these settings are automatically applied to every game until you change them again. While in a match, Power, Speed, and Velocity skills don't have as much of an effect on gameplay, with Fielding and Arm skill becoming more important. Finally, there are new visual customisation options and the mode's hub looks different.

Update 5 includes a lot of changes and improvements, not just to the Pennant Races mode. You can see them all in the spoiler below:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

You'll be able to start up the game and see all of these changes for yourself seeing as Update 5 is live right now.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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