New Alice: Madness Returns Screenshots

By Jonathan Barnes, 7 years ago
In a press release issued today, Spicy Horse has sent the gaming world down the rabbit hole with some new screens for their upcoming sequel, Alice: Madness Returns.

For those unfamiliar with American McGee's original, I would suggest checking out a very comprehensive interview with McGee over on Joystiq. In the interview, McGee expresses his hope for the decades-in-the-making sequel:

I think compared to the first game, where it was a given that it was a psychological adventure, in this one we're really playing that up by having the contrast between Wonderland and London, so you're actually getting to see the real-world Alice and the real effect that these events are having on her; while at the same time she goes into Wonderland and takes on this sort of superhero persona.

In Wonderland, she's invincible, practically. I mean she's extremely strong and confident — she's got all these powers. But when you come back to London, you start to see the real person: who she is and the struggle that she's having. Being able to see that contrast in the character is probably one of the biggest defining things about this product that makes it more interesting.
Within these screens you will see some of the weapons Alice will be able to wield as she makes her journey. Most of the weapons are based off of common, childhood items, like the Hobby Horse. The Pepper Grinder, featured in the second screenshot, functions like a machine gun. Alice's default weapon is the knife, which you can see in the fourth shot.

The Hobby Horse
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The Pepper Grinder
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The Steps
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The Tea Pot
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The Cheshire Cat
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As we revealed back in March, Alice: Madness Returns will be released on June 14th in North America and June 17th in Europe.
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