New Battlefield V War Stories Trailer Drops and Battle Royale Delayed

By Caleb Greer, 3 months ago
In recent news for DICE's upcoming first-person shooter, Battlefield V, a trailer dropped detailing the developer concepts behind the single player War Stories. Aptly titled "Battlefield V Dev Diary: Behind The Scenes of War Stories," Senior Producer Lars Gustavsson and Design Director Eric Holmes describe the openness and variable approaches inherent in the design of the numerous War Stories that range from a skiing Norwegian resistance fighter to a French colonial soldier.

Also prominent in Battlefield V news is a recent post from publisher EA's website chronicling the game's post-launch roadmap through March 2019 via Tides of War, Battlefield V's live service. This post also clarifies the highly-anticipated battle royale game mode, Firestorm, as being delayed to the March 2019 period.

Here is a quick rundown of the roadmap and what each chapter includes:

Chatper 1: "Overture" (Early December - January)

  • Panzerstorm - new map set in Belgium with a focus on tank vs tank action
  • The Last Tiger - a War Stories add-on about a Tiger Tank crew
  • Practice Range - sandbox area to practice all of the game mechanics; based on the Hamada map
  • Vehicle Customization - tank and plane skins will be added, as well as nose-art decals for planes

Chapter 2: "Lighting Strikes" (January - March)

  • Combined Arms - up to four-player co-op battling AI in sequential Combat Strike missions through multiple maps
  • Rush - classic game mode centered on planting bombs behind enemy lines, available for limited time
  • Squad Conquest - classic game mode of domination limited to sixteen players with two squads per team

Chapter 3: "Trial By Fire" (Starting In March)

  • Firestorm - battle royale done the Battlefield way
  • Greece - new map set in Greece on the Cretan coast highlighting dichotomy between tank power and air control
Note that all of these chapters will include weekly events and rewards. A reward is also given each time the player advances their chapter rank.

Tides of War 1

While Battlefield V's post-launch content lineup seems robust, it's disappointing that players will have to wait a bit longer for that sweet battle royale.

We've got the full list of Battlefield V achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Caleb Greer
Written by Caleb Greer
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