Layers of Fear 2 Revealed, Will Be Narrated By Candyman Tony Todd

By Mark Delaney,
With all this talk of cowboys these days, it may be hard to remember Halloween is approaching fast. Bloober Team and publisher Gun Media have ensured you don't forget with their reveal of Layers of Fear 2, the sequel to 2016's successful first-person horror-adventure game with its memorable ever-changing rooms and environments.

As you may see — or sooner hear — in the trailer, the game will be narrated by actor Tony Todd, most famous for his portrayal of Candyman with whom horror fans are undoubtedly familiar. The reveal was light on details but the studio did have this tease to share:

Set on a desolate ship, Layers of Fear 2 will rely on the claustrophobic, ever-changing environments to keep players in the dark, never knowing what horror to expect around every corner and through every door. The feeling of uneasiness and terror will be enhanced by influences from classic cinematography ranging from the experimental works of Georges Méliès to the twists and turns used by Alfred Hitchcock.”
Layers of Fear 2 is scheduled for 2019.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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