An Evil XP Event and the Final Achievement List Revealed for Gears of War 4

By Ashley Woodcock, 3 months ago
It's the scary part of the year as people decorate their houses with cobwebs, pumpkins, skeletons, bats, and all sorts of other "spooky" decorations to celebrate good old Halloween. If you're not going to be out trick or treating, or answering your door to others, then maybe Gears of War 4's Halloween offering will be of more interest to you. The Coalition will be dishing out the game's biggest XP event ever with experience points being multiplied by 6.66. That's right, it's not a double or a quadruple XP event, it's a 6.66XP event.

Halloween Screens

6.66XP is already available and will be until November 5th across all versus and horde modes.

The final drop of achievements is almost ready to roll. The list released from the dev team is intended to be final and probably will be what players can start working towards once they go live. However, some of the achievements are still in the final stages of testing, so just in case something goes wrong, there may be a last minute change. You may remember when the achievements were teased in August. "When The Shower Is Too Hot", which was for killing an enemy with dripping flames from an Incendiary Grenade in any mode, and "Who Wants Toast?", which was for roasting a Horde boss in the Forge or Forge Blitz Incinerator on Hardcore or above difficulty, have both been scrapped. Sadly, these were both "technically impossible" to be added to the game. The rest of the list however, is very similar to the tease.

Halloween Screens

Take a look at the list and let's see which community-created achievements The Coalition liked the most:

Community Achievements

Turn It Up To 11 (100G) - Earn your first Wings at Re-Up 11.

Judge, Jury and Executioner (50G) - In any mode, perform one of each unique execution.

Deadly Resourceful (25G) - In Act 4 Chapter 4, kill a Swarmak using a different weapon to pop each Blister on Insane or above.

Hi, Mom. (15G) - Go home and say hi to Mom.

I'll Take That (30G) - In Public Versus, kill an opponent holding a power weapon and claim it for yourself 5 times.

Active Lifestyle (30G) - In Public Versus, kill 100 opponents with active reload rounds.

Sorry, That's Never Happened To Me Before (30G) - In Public Versus, win a round of Guardian, Execution, Escalation or Dodgeball in under 60 seconds.

Play The Mode, Not The Player (30G) - Get 200 ring captures and 100 ring breaks in King of the Hill or Escalation (Public Versus Only)

Kinda Missed 'Em In A Weird Way (30G) - Complete a 25 or 50 wave variant of Horde with Marcus, Cole, Dom, Baird and Anya.

2v2 Achievements

Don’t Hate The Players (50G) - Win 25 matches in 2v2 playlists (Public Only)

Got Your Back Like A Buttcrack (50G) - Save your wingman by killing an opponent who downed them before they die 10 times in 2v2 playlists.

Secret Achievements

The four secret 15G achievements are little love letters to our community. Two are directly inspired by ideas shared in the competition. The other two are, well, you’ll find out. We don’t plan on giving clues on these four, so let your fellow fans know if you’ve unlocked one! Good hunting.
There's no mention of whether or not the above achievements will be retroactive. The final achievements will be added to the game in the next update which is yet to receive a release date.

Alongside the new achievements and 6.66XP event, players can also purchase the "Lost Souls Gear Pack", which released yesterday and includes all of the previously released Zombie and Day of the Dead characters. The pack is already available now and will be until November 5th as a 400 and 2000 credit variant. The "Lost Souls Mega Pack" and "Mega Pack bundle" will both be available with 50% off their original prices also until November 5th.

Halloween Screens

If you're looking to bump up your levels in Horde, take advantage of the game's Halloween Horde Event 'Monster Mash'. This mode will be "getting turned up to 11 — Horde Mania style". Horde Mania is the 25-wave variant of Horde that gives players no setup time between waves.

Those who prefer battling against other players can tuck into the revamped version of Pumpkin Ball. This particular mode comes with plenty of fast-paced action and Halloween fun. Players can take advantage of almost instant self revives and hopefully get right back into the action when they go down but not out, so long as they don't get killed straight away.

Take advantage of all the Halloween festivities and bump up your levels to make shorter work of some of the level-related achievements. Be sure to let us know what you think of the new list in the comments below.

We've got the full list of Gears of War 4 achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.

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