Vigor Update Brings Co-op Mode and More

By NicoleRenee00,
The apocalyptic survival battle royale game Vigor is back. And with it comes the 0.6 Update: Ally, a patch built on feedback gathered from players who toured post-war Norway during Game Preview. As the name suggests, the update will incorporate co-op play into the game among many other small changes. You can see the full list below.

Vigor Co-op

Co-op Mode

Now, you'll never have to travel the road alone. The 0.6 Update will allow players to invite a friend into their game, battling for control of air drops while avoiding other outlanders. Each member will enter the encounter area side by side, gathering resources and defending their point as multiple teams struggle for control of each point. Loot is divided however you see fit, and friendly fire is most certainly a thing.

Vigor Co-op

New Weapons and Adjusted Handling

According to the developers at Bohemia Interactive, there have been some pretty negative comments in regards to weapon handling, and the team has jumped on the chance to change that. Aim assist sensitivity has been lowered while directed at other characters, precision of guns have improved, and the recoil and spray of each weapon has been altered for better diversity. Small bugs that affect weapons have also been fixed to make handling much easier. In addition, 17 new weapons will be added to Vigor, some of which will include scopes.

Vigor Co-op

Scavenging 2.0 and Crafting

In an attempt to make a more balanced universe, there are numerous changes to scavenging in the game. Rare loot is now significantly easier to find while searching, and single-loot containers are now more frequent throughout the environment. Shelter and progressive tree improvements have also been added, and the level cap has been raised to 11.

As for crafting, creating weapons now requires both a blueprint and the appropriate level of the crafting table. Weapons can now be deconstructed only into materials, and the blueprints to build them are found only in airdrops. Furthermore, weapon parts are now specific to each encounter and map rotation. Material compensation has also been altered to be more merciful to players who die within a round. They will receive significantly more items on return.


Updated Tutorials and Exploration

The team has taken note about the concerns with the tutorials (or lack thereof) within Vigor, and in response, core mechanics will now be explained during the first visit to the shelter. A value system has also been set into place for items, allowing players to determine rare materials from arguably useless ones. These pointless items can now be discarded from the inventory screen as well. Finally, some much needed edits were made for the map, including colored markers and points of interest. A new weather system has also been implemented, packaged into two specific presets.


And that's the last of the changes with Update 0.6. For those returning to the game, note that previous progress will be wiped clean to put both new players and old on equal footing. Vigor will be free to play on its release in 2019.

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