Sea of Thieves Festival of the Damned Starts Soon

By Lucy Wood, 3 months ago
The Sea of Thieves team has shared a trailer for the next Bilge Rat Adventure and teased the next content update in their weekly developer update video. The Festival of the Damned will celebrate the Ferryman who returns downed pirates to the land of the living on the Ferry of the Damned.

In the latest developer update video Executive Producer Joe Neate teases the next content update, prior to its official reveal on Inside Xbox on November 10th. The "Shrouded Spoils" update is coming to Sea of Thieves in November, and will include:
  • More ship customisation options
  • New weather condition - fog
  • Commendations for Pirate Legends

The Festival of the Damned Bilge Rat Adventure for Sea of Thieves will begin on October 31st.

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Lucy Wood
Written by Lucy Wood
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