Dynasty Warriors 9 Receives Online & Offline Co-op

By Ozan Erhalac,
Koei Tecmo have released a brand-new trailer recently showcasing some major updates for Dynasty Warriors 9. The major updates will be introducing online and offline co-op, new story and side missions, as well as some items and gameplay updates. Additionally, a trial version of Dynasty Warriors 9 will be available for you to sample any 3 of the 90 characters to experience their story arcs. Owners of the full game will be able to play co-op with trial owners. The trial will be availble November 7th for download. For a full list of the updates visit the official website here.

Dynasty Warrios 9 is available now. The trial will be available on November 7th.

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Ozan Erhalac
Written by Ozan Erhalac
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