November 2018 Xbox Game Pass Additions: Sniper Elite 4, GRIP, and More to Come

By Rebecca Smith,
With just three days of October left, we were getting to the point of wondering whether Microsoft was going to announce any Xbox Game Pass titles for November or whether the surprise Halloween additions were our lot. Well, we need not have worried. Microsoft has confirmed five additional titles to be coming to the program, with more to be announced at XO18 in November.

November Game Pass

All of the titles are Xbox One games and they cover a variety of genres, meaning there should be something for everyone. None of them have discontinued or unobtainable achievements. Without further ado, here are the games that will be joining the program shortly:
All of the games will be arriving on November 1st, with the exception of GRIP, which will arrive in the program on its day of release on November 6th. If you're disappointed with just five new titles, make sure to keep you eyes open and ears peeled for Microsoft's XO18 show on November 10th, where the team has promised to announce more titles to be released during the same month.

Don't forget that if you're currently playing any of these five titles, you need to finish them before their removal from the program at the end of October.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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