Forum enhancements

By Rich Stone, 10 years ago
The forums are starting to get more and more popular, but to get you all to post a little more frequently, I've made a few changes and tweaks.

Firstly, they look a bit different. I wanted to show more threads on a page so I've squeezed the list together a bit, changed the icons and added the gamerpic for the last poster.

I've also added a new filter for the My Threads page. The first time you click the link the defaul options selected will be "all unread posts in my boards". I think this is pretty much what everyone wants to look at first, so that's what it now shows. You also get the same page by clicking the Forums menu item.

Finally, I've added a quick reply section to the bottom of every thread. This means you can quickly knock out a response to any thread without leaving the page.

I've also added a Donate button and links to buy games on Amazon (both US and UK), so if you want to help the site please use these links to buy your games as we can a small amount of commission on them.

Thanks for your continued support!
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
Creator of TrueAchievements, TrueTrophies and TrueSteamAchievements. Writes site news and still finds time for the odd game here and there. Loves Racing games and Shooters, yet to be convinced that any RPG is worth the time investment!