7 Horror Series That Deserve Sequels (And 3 That Don't)

By Mark Delaney,
For our final piece of horror content for the spookiest season on the calendar, we're looking at the many series that deserve sequels — and even a few that really don't. Horror games have never been in great abundance given their nature as both too frightening for most audiences and their antithetical game design that leaves players feeling vulnerable rather than empowered. For those reasons, horror buffs are always left wanting more. Here are seven series that absolutely deserve more, as well as three that we can easily live without. We've even gone ahead and rated the likelihood that they receive sequels. Happy Halloween!

Seven Horror Series That Deserve Sequels

The Evil Within


The Evil Within 2 received mixed reviews from critics and fans since it strays quite a bit from the original's design philosophy. Whereas the original game was more like Resident Evil 4, TEW2 showed shades of The Last of Us and not everyone was on board for those differences. The team behind the twisted franchise showed more than enough promise, however, and those differences that went hot or cold with different fans only reveal their versatility in the end. A third game would be very welcome and honestly, it seems pretty likely given the hot streak Bethesda is on lately.

Likelihood: 7 out of 10

Dead Rising

screen 3

Dead Rising is a beloved franchise that deserves better than its apparently rushed fourth installment. The studio behind the series, Capcom Vancouver, just recently shuttered so it now appears a sequel isn't coming anytime soon and while we can be sad for those that lost their jobs, we can also hope Capcom finds another studio to take control of the comedy-horror series. Its tone is unique in the industry and its on-screen zombie count even in the original is impressive today. You don't hear from too many fans of Dead Rising who say they've had their fill. Offsetting their more prestigious Resident Evil, more of The Wacky Dead from Capcom would be very welcome.

Likelihood: 3 out of 10

Dead Space

Awakened Screen 7

Dead Space may be the most requested horror series to get another sequel. After Isaac Clarke's trilogy concluded with Dead Space 3 half a decade ago, reports of poor sales seemed to be the death knell for the EA-owned franchise. Visceral closing their doors also doesn't help, but there's a lot of room to grow with this series if EA could commit to horror again. Their EA Originals label shows they will make exceptions and take on riskier projects, so hopefully Dead Space fits into a similar place sometime within the next few years. At the very least a remastered trilogy could appease fans and hopefully show the publisher that there's a strong desire for more necromorphs.

Likelihood: 5 out of 10



Another franchise which was taken too soon, Condemned was an early bright spot when the Xbox 360 hit the market. Its approach to visceral, heavy, first-person combat wasn't really being done anywhere else at the time and despite the dated visuals, the scares hold up all these years later. The IP maybe doesn't have the sort of name value Microsoft would want, but then again, a lot of crazier things have already happened in the Phil Spencer era. As the megacorporation puts more and more stock into their games division, it may do them very well to commit to a few niche revivals like this one. Such a move is one Sony makes often and it gives them a certain prestige Team Xbox is chasing.

Likelihood: 2 out of 10

State of Decay

State of Decay 2 Screen 5

Editor's note: This one excites me most of all for two reasons. For one, the studio behind the survival sim, Undead Labs, was just bought by Microsoft this summer, so it seems Microsoft is ready and willing to fund a bigger and better game in the series. Secondly, I already find State of Decay 2 to be one of the best games on Xbox One. I know I'm mostly alone in thinking that and my review further cements how far from the consensus I am, but I think a bigger budget with the same focus on deep systems is exactly what Undead Labs needs to take this series from a sort of cult hit to a massive console-selling franchise. They always said the end game was a full-on zombie MMO. Could that be what's next?

Likelihood: 9 out of 10


Outlast II

For fans, Outlast is one of the finest new horror series to arrive in the genre. For detractors, it's a jump-scare simulator that can't hold a candle to the classics. Consider us in the first group. It's always seemed like much more than a series of jump-scares and is more aptly referred to as a dose of pure dread. Frightening many players into paralysis, Outlast combines nerve-wracking chases with nauseating atmosphere to deliver two of the best horror games of any era and Red Barrels have said they plan to do a third game, thankfully. We'll wait patiently, batteries in hand.

Likelihood: 9 out of 10

Alien: Isolation

The Trigger 4

There's little reason to doubt we will someday get another game in Ridley Scott's famous franchise, but whether that will be anything like Creative Assembly's cross-gen gem is another question. We certainly hope it is, at least. Isolation was so cool because it came from a studio who spent most of their years doing strategy games. How they ended up with a first-person horror set in the Alien universe isn't a story available publicly, but we're thankful it happened anyway. Sadly the publisher doesn't seem very interested in doing another one of these, but with the movies back to an every-few-years schedule, now would be the time to make your move, SEGA.

Likelihood: 4 out of 10

Three Horror Series That Don't Deserve Sequels

Dead Island

Dead Island Definitive

We know, we know. It's already getting a sequel in the form of Dead Island 2, but if you've followed that game's development you'll know it's looking really shaky right now. It's already changed hands once from Yager (the team behind Spec Ops: The Line to Sumo Digital (the team behind Sonic Racing) which is a move that leaves us with some doubts, naturally. When the game was being shown off, it didn't look so great either. It also doesn't help that Techland made like Harmonix and left to make a better version of their original game in Dying Light which now has its own promising sequel on the horizon. Maybe this game will still eventually come out someday, but does it really need to?

Likelihood: 5 out of 10


Amnesia Collection

Like Dead Island, Amnesia already got a sequel and it doesn't need another one. Unlike Dead Island, which receives a vote of no confidence, Frictional Games gets a seal of approval for its Amnesia follow-up in the form of SOMA, which built on the strenuous horror moments of Amnesia and formed them around a better story with more to say. We don't mean to disparage the studio or series when we say they should never make another Amnesia. We mean to say they should focus on more original ideas, and thankfully they seem to be.

Likelihood: 1 out of 10

Silent Hill

Launch Screen 1

We love Silent Hill around here, so it stings a bit to say this, but it's for the best that Silent Hill stays dead and buried. There hasn't been a great game in the series in over a decade and many would say the last few don't even cross the threshold into 'good' territory. Konami seemed just about done with video games too, so it seemed unlikely, but the Resident Evil renaissance looks to us a lot like inspiration for Konami. We wouldn't be surprised if the publisher found another studio to try again at the series, after so many have tried before following the break-up of Team Silent and especially after the fallout surrounding PT/Silent Hills. They'll be wanting to capture some of the magic Capcom is having with their seminal horror series, but we have healthy skepticism Silent Hill can find the same magic.

Likelihood: 6 out of 10
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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