Latest No Man's Sky Update Plunges You Into The Abyss

By James Kearle, 3 months ago
When No Man's Sky came to Xbox One on July 24th, Hello Games seemed geared for a fresh start. Released alongside its NEXT Update, Xbox players were able to experience the vast universe of No Man's Sky with the added functionality of co-operative play, base-building and enhanced quest-lines. On the back of its rebirth, Hello Games have now released their next update across all systems entitled "The Abyss".


The Abyss introduces players to aquatic exploration with a new submarine exocraft vehicle, the "Nautilon". Players can utilise the Nautilon to experience a brand new quest-line, "The Dreams of the Deep", whilst also constructing new multi-story marine shelters, studying new water-exclusive flora and fauna, and investigating sunken ruins to scavenge ancient treasures and lost cargo. For more information, you can check out the trailer right here.

This Abyss update for No Man's Sky is available right now, so there is no need to wait. What are you most excited about exploring in this latest update? Let us know in the comments.

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James Kearle
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