Battlefield V Diary Shows Plans for Post-Release Content

By Lane Plummer, 3 months ago
Battlefield V developers DICE are making big changes to the way they support their games post-release, and with Battlefield V, the first example of this new method will be experienced via what they call "Tides of War."

Whereas in past Battlefield titles, downloadable content was released every few months that would either need to be separately bought or were included in their Premium Pass. Now, there will be events that span across the cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes, where each change in event comes with new weapons, maps and more.

In the video, and the subsequent diary released on their website, DICE developers revealed what Companies are and how gamers could build, customize, and evolve their companies through the live-service updates.

The Company reflects you. It is your collection of customized soldiers, weapons, and vehicles developed and modified as you progress through the Battlefield V journey – and you can bring it to all multiplayer modes and the cooperative Combined Arms.
This system is set to give gamers more to tinker with to make the experience more personal. They'll be able to earn XP across the cooperative mode, Combined Arms, and the multiplayer. As they earn XP, they'll earn customization options that range from face camos and military outfits to weapon parts, such as new barrels, stocks, skins and muzzles. The idea stems from community feedback that DICE said they've tailored the game after. For more information on concepts mentioned above and more, check out the YouTube video below.

Also, someone get these developers a bigger couch. Battlefield V launches worldwide November 20th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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Lane Plummer
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