Weekend Announcements October 26-28th: Bombfest and Ion Maiden

By Rebecca Smith, 3 months ago
After we finally got caught up last week, the weekend announcements for this week will seem dead in comparison. There are just two titles to be introduced today. One is a battle arena where players throw bombs at each other, while the other is a first-person shooter made by the studio behind the retro Duke Nukem games. You can take a closer look at the pair below.


Sudden Event Studios' multiplayer arena battler tasks up to four players with throwing bombs at each other until one person is left standing. Not only will you need to be careful to hit your target with your bombs, but you'll need to make sure you avoid your own bomb blast if you don't want to knock yourself out of the running. Once players are dead, they can can continue to drop bombs into the arena to knock out the other players until the winner remains. There will be multiple bomb types, destructible environments, and the arenas' own hazards to avoid when the game is released on Xbox One on January 8th, 2019.

Ion Maiden

Developer 3D Realms will be known by Xbox gamers for their work on Duke Nukem 3D and Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project. This "retro first-person shooter" is along the same lines as those games, and is the prequel to Bombshell, which never made it to the Xbox One. In this title, protagonist Shelly is tasked with taking down Dr. Jadus Heskel, a transhumanist mastermind who is causing trouble. Thanks to publisher 1C Entertainment, the game will arrive for Xbox One both physically and digitally in Q2 2019.

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Rebecca Smith
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