Red Dead Redemption 2 Bug Produces Unlimited Gold Bars

By Sam Quirke, 3 months ago
When an epic and daunting open-world game comes along, naturally the first thing the gaming community focuses on is ways to exploit the economy and bypass all that hard work. Red Dead Redemption 2 is no different. A couple of cowboys on the Red Dead Redemption subreddit have found a way to nab unlimited gold bars, for as long as your patience will hold in selling them off. MagnusTS found the exploit, though hoedoor101001110 managed to clarify the steps.

Use this exploit at your own risk. Rockstar will likely patch it, and we have no idea whether that fix might damage your save. Make sure to manually save the game on a separate file if you're feeling like getting your hands dirty.

Red Dead Redemption 2

The exploit is available from the second chapter, once you have set up camp in Horseshoe Overlook. You want to head directly southwest of the camp to the burned-down town of Limpany, just north of Flatneck Station. In the town you will find an abandoned Sherrif's Office. Head to the desk on the left of the entrance and look down to find a lock box. Open it but don't loot the contents yet. You'll see a gold bar and a pamphlet in there (don't touch the pamphlet at any point in these steps). While the box is open and the option to loot the gold bar is visible on your HUD (you need to be standing right over it), make sure that Autosave is off and then make a manual save of your game.

You have to make at least one manual save before turning off Autosave, otherwise manual saving is locked out. Head to the Story menu and make a manual save, then to Settings to turn Autosave off. Now make an extra manual save for your heinous exploits.
When you re-load this save, Arthur will respawn just outside of the burned-down town. Head back to the office and go to the loot box. The pamphlet will have disappeared — that's how you know the glitch is working. Now pick up the gold bar. Now pick it up again. The gold bar will duplicate ad infinitum, though Arthur can only carry 30. Once done, head to a fence and sell off the gold bars — in the beginning of the game you will have to ride all the way to the south-east corner of the map and drop them off at the fence in Saint Denis. (Later on other fences will unlock which may provide a quicker route).

Now head back to the Sherrif's Office and close the box. Open it again — this resets the pamphlet. Make a manual save, and start the process over again.

Selling 30 gold bars to the fence will net you $15,000, so even one go-around with this exploit will give a significant advantage in the early game. However it's worth stating again that you exploit this obvious glitch at your own risk, and while your Honor won't be affected in game, we can't speak for the Honor in your heart.

Found any other glitches, exploits, strange goings on? Let us know in the comments! Make sure to check out Dave's more legitimate tips for the game as well.

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