Mixer Season 2 Arrives Today with a Host of New Features

By Dave Horobin,
Earlier this year, Mixer celebrated its one year anniversary with new features and promotions, and it seems that staff at the Microsoft owned company haven't been resting on their laurels since then. Today, the rival to Twitch has announced Mixer Season 2 is here, bringing with it new features that will allow viewers to express themselves and support their favourite channels without breaking the bank, as well as new video improvements.


The most noticeable change that regular Mixer viewers will see is the addition of a new Skills button, which will give them new ways to interact with streamers and the rest of the chat outside of MixPlay. From stickers and animated GIFs, to on-screen animations like confetti, fireworks and a virtual beach ball that watchers will have to try to keep off the ground, viewers can spend their accrued Spark points to "express" themselves in chat. The range of Skills available will be updated frequently so that there's always something new for you to discover.

Sparks Patronage

Whilst Mixer doesn't yet show any adverts on streams, viewers can support their favourite streamers by subscribing to their channel, purchasing games using the button at the top of the chat windows, and through donations. Today, Mixer has introduced a new way to support partnered channels, without having to contribute from your own pocket. With Sparks Patronage, viewers can spend their accrued Spark points via MixPlay or through the new Skills button. helping partnered streamers to hit milestones that will give them real money payouts.

Microsoft Announce Mixer Season 2 Arrives Today

Mixer Embers

Coming soon, Mixer will also offer a new virtual currency called Mixer Embers that can be used for rarer high-value Skills. Embers will be a paid currency that goes one step further than Sparks which are awarded for simply watching and streaming on Mixer, and will give your favourite channels a direct financial reward.

Microsoft Announce Mixer Season 2 Arrives Today


On most streaming platforms, viewers are separated into two categories: those that subscribe to a channel through a monthly payment, and those that don't. In 2019, Mixer Progression hopes to change that, by recognising and rewarding viewers with new Skills based on their participation in chat, using skills, watching streams and receiving Applause (a new feature that hasn't yet been explained in full) on both individual channels and across Mixer as a whole.

Video Capabilities

In addition to the new ways to interact and reward your favourite channels, Mixer has also invested to improve its broadcasting and viewing experience.

  • We’re going to turn on automatic bitrate switching. Viewers have varying bandwidth at home or on mobile, and this feature will allow us to provide a more graceful viewing experience as a viewer’s bandwidth fluctuates.
  • We’re also providing more options for creators to use FTL streaming on a broader array of streaming software and devices by adding support for ingesting via the RTMP standard.
  • Lastly, we’re adding a feature on Mixer to allow viewers to easily report any video-specific issues they see. We’ve seen so much passion from viewers around giving us suggestions to improve, and this will help us troubleshoot specific problems encountered in playing back video.
Skills and Spark Patronage are already live on Mixer, so why not check them out on our stream at Mixer.com/TrueGamingNetwork.
Dave Horobin
Written by Dave Horobin
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