Red Dead Redemption 2: A Nasty Bug Is Causing Camp Members To Vanish

By Sam Quirke, 2 months ago
An unfortunate bug appears to have been found in Red Dead Redemption 2 that is causing several camp members to disappear. While the problem doesn't affect the main storyline, some players are unwittingly missing out on content.

Red Dead Redemption 2

According to an on-going Reddit conversation, players are finding that Sadie, Abigail and Jack are flat out vanishing from camp just shortly after the beginning of the game's second chapter — in other words, almost as soon as the game properly kicks off.

The leading theory is that the bug is related to Uncle's first mission in camp. It appears that if players choose to accept Uncle's mission first (in which Arthur takes some members of the camp into town), this can cause at least these three characters (and in some cases John Marston himself) to only appear in camp for story related missions. Most claim that the characters eventually reappear in later chapters, but there seems to be no consistency. What is clear is that even if those characters appear later on, players are missing out on some of their early missions such as those with Jack that introduce fishing into the game. Another frustrating aspect of the bug is that it's hard to verify as characters are constantly on the move or out of camp for story reasons, making it hard to be sure who is actually missing.

On another Reddit thread, one user appears to have consolidated a guide to avoiding this frustrating bug. First of all, everyone should be making a manual save at the beginning of Chapter 2. This is probably a wise idea regardless as a lot of irreversible things can happen in the chapter, by accident or design. Manual save options can be found in the Story section of the menu.

Secondly, players should make sure to have a conversation with all of the above mentioned characters before approaching Uncle and accepting his mission. Sleep until night and make sure that all of the camp members are present and accounted for before accepting any mission other than Uncle's. Check once again to make sure that no one has disappeared before continuing with your journey.

We will update this story if official word from Rockstar is given, although one Reddit user claims that someone at Rockstar Support is at least aware of the problem... even if their current response is simply that those characters will "not be present until the start of Chapter 4". Hopefully the larger team at Rockstar can fix this fairly significant problem soon.

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