Battlefield V Launch Maps Detailed and Showcased In New Trailer

By Ashley Woodcock, 2 months ago
When DICE's first-person shooter Battlefield V releases later this month, soldiers will be able to take on their opponents on eight different maps that will be available at launch. In the newly released Soldier's Guide, DICE takes us on a world tour of the fist four maps with two of them set in Holland, and the other two set in North Africa.

Devastation is a now-charred Dutch map as the city has fallen to Axis bombardment. Cover won't be hard to find everywhere as pieces of the city will be scattered everywhere. These once beautiful buildings have since been destroyed but now you and your enemies will be using them to keep yourselves alive as you lay down fire against each other.

This map will come with five capture points represented by a flag, as always. The capture points here include a Train Wreck, a Library, a huge Cathedral, Cinema, and an Old Mall.

Rotterdam was once a charming port city but is now full of danger at every turn as vehicles patrol the streets, and death can also come from above courtesy of the elevated railway. Unlike Devastation, Rotterdam's maps are still mainly intact. Of course, this will soon change once players are deployed.

This map will also come with five capture points including the Train Station Beurs, the White House, The Courtyard houses, The Ruins, and the Willemsbridge. Each capture area offers a different experience and some of the positions at the Flags offer views and cover over or from other Flags.

One of the largest maps in Battlefield history comes from North Africa in Hamada. This map comes with a huge landscape full of rubble, ancient ruins, and desert plants. A man-made bridge goes over a mostly-dry ravine where tanks prowl and fighters shoot it out in the skies above.

Work well with your team and coordinate efficiently to capture all seven flags that can be found at the Ridge Next, Artillery Camp, the Oasis, the Bridge Camp, which grants your team an extra tank, the Desert Ruins, the Temple, and a Peak Camp.

Lastly, we have Aerodrome, another map filled with smoldering remains, this time of an Axis airfield and hangar in the North African desert. Crates, abandoned vehicles and an aircraft are partially-covered by smoke and wind-blown sand. This particular map isn't the biggest offering in Battlefield V so it will make for more condensed and fast-paced action.

Six flags await your capturing as the different areas include the Depot, the Checkpoint, the Aerodrome itself, the Barracks, the Hangars, and the Radar Tower.

Take a look at the following video for a breakdown and glimpse of each of the four maps:

Battlefield V releases for the Xbox One on November 20th.

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