Elite Dangerous Beyond - Chapter Four Live Stream Released

By CognitiveCaveat, 2 months ago
This live stream for Elite: Dangerous features Chapter Four, the last chapter of the season, featuring the Community Manager Ed, Executive Producer Adam Woods and Senior Designer Adam Bourke-Waite. They discuss the new Mining improvements and the long-awaited Squadrons system. These changes are available for perusal via this and other livestreams, or for PC players, via the beta that started October 30th and is expected to last four weeks.

Elite Dangerous Beta


Asteroid belts and planetary rings are about to get very busy. New tools and mechanics will provide a fresh, exciting and lucrative mining experience for all Elite Dangerous Commanders. Using new exploration mechanics, miners can investigate rings to locate the best spots to start their mining sessions, and then the best specific asteroids to probe and excavate for rewards. With the right amount of skill and expertise, the new Abrasion blaster, Sub-surface displacement missile, and Seismic charge launcher, will provide some exciting and explosive results.


Squadrons is a new in-game way of uniting like-minded Commanders to support factions of their choice, take part in Community Goals together and compete for top spots in seasonal leader boards. New communication tools, including in-game chat channels, will help you blaze trails together, and leave your Squadron's mark on the galaxy.
The next (and last) livestream for Chapter Four will release on November 8th at 7 pm GMT and will feature The Ships. While we don't have a release date for the Chapter 4 expansion, it should last through most of the November on PC and is expected to release shortly after on Xbox One, barring any problems.

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