WWE 2K19 Titans Pack Trailers Released

By CognitiveCaveat, 2 months ago
We got another peak at the upcoming WWE 2K19 'Titan Pack.' There are three entrance trailers to look at, the Bobby Lashley, EC3 (Ethan Carter III), and War Raiders (Hanson and Rowe).

First is the Bobby Lashley entrance.

Next is the EC3 top 1% entrance trailer, where you can see the Ethan Carter III entrance.

Lastly you can look at the War Raiders entrance and take on tag teams as Hanson and Rowe.

If you have the Season Pass, the "Titan Pack" won't cost you anything, otherwise it will be US$9.99. While we don't have a release date, based on last year's release date of November 21st, a guess is that it might release on or around November 20th.

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