Assassin's Creed Odyssey Has Lots of Plans for November

By Megan Walton, 2 months ago
Assassin's Creed Odyssey received rave reviews across many platforms, ours included, but I'm sure now many of you are asking what content is coming next. Well, the November monthly update for the game has addressed these questions, and there's a whole load of content about to come your way.


The first highlight is that we will be getting some new story content in the form of the Lost Tales of Greece. These are free questlines that will have both old and new characters in them involved in a whole load of new adventures. The first, The Show Must Go On, lets you be an actor in a play, whereas the second, Divine Intervention, has you completing divine trials. There's a good variety of questing here, and once you have reached episode five they will show up as yellow side quests on your map, so there is no rush to complete them. There's new rewards and a whole load of potential different outcomes, so have fun!

Some other new additions coming soon include more epic events, which will either be a mercenary or a ship you have to hunt down and defeat, and they will reward you with new equipment, ship design or orichalcum. There's two new packs to buy, one normal pack and one naval pack, each with their own additions available at the store and the Oikos of the Olympians vendor. These will be making an appearance at the end of November.

Another tough task for you coming on November 13th will be the Cyclops, who will be the finale of The Lightning Bringer quest, and defeating him will reward you with a legendary bow. Finally, there's a few new in-game features added to the game, and these are as follows -

We are excited to share that in an upcoming title update, we will add a visual customization system that allows you to add a visual layer on top of your gear. This will will allow you to combine the stats of one item and the appearance of another into the same slot. So you won't have to decide between having good stats and looking good in-game!

Later this month we will increase the level cap by no less than 20 levels. This will be available for all players. For our players who have reached level 50, the XP earned before the level cap update will be rewarded with new ability points.

As we mentioned earlier on our official Twitter account, we added a new feature to the game that allows players to auto-craft regular arrows when enough resources are available.

Accessibility for our players has always been an important topic for Assassin's Creed. This is why gamepad customization is now available to all players on all platforms. You can learn more about accessibility in Assassin's Creed in our latest interview with Jonathan Bedard here!

We worked on a new balance in order to decrease costs to upgrade gear in-game.

We realize that players want more control over the XP boosters, so with update version 1.0.7 we're introducing an option to pause and resume any temporary or permanent booster that you own.
If you want to see more detail about these new additions to the game, check out the November update video for yourself below.

Hopefully that's enough content to keep you entertained for a while!

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