Forza Motorsport 7 Replaces Prize Crates with Race Shop

By Rebecca Smith, 2 months ago
At the end of July, Turn 10 promised they would be removing Prize Crates from Forza Motorsport 7. The process of doing this was going to take a few months with the initial time frame estimated to be this winter. Well, the developer has pulled out all the stops and managed to bring the changes earlier than expected. This month's game update, which went live this week, has now removed Prize Crates from the game and replaced them with a new Race Shop feature. Amongst the other improvements included in the patch are "important changes to collisions" too.

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Now that Prize Crates have been removed completely, the team needed to find another way to be able to keep the Driver Gear, Mod cards, and badges that were found in these crates. The result is the Race Shop, found on the game's Main Menu, which gives players the chance to purchase this content with in-game credit. The items in the shop front are refreshed every six minutes, meaning there will always be a variety of items of different types and rarities. Players won't be able to buy duplicate Driver Gear or badges, but they can buy duplicate Mod cards.

With the removal of Prize Crates comes a change to the Forza Rewards program for players who are yet to begin the game. These players will now get Race Mod cards, and how many they receive will depend on their Forza Rewards Tier. You can find more details on this here.


Like it or not, collisions are a part of racing that will never go away. Turn 10 has made changes to three areas of the game to alter the way collisions work in their game so that they feel very different and are more reflective of real-world collisions. Side by side contact will create fewer spins, cars will be more tolerent to small taps, and first turn griefers should have less impact. Here are the changes:

1) We’ve improved energy dissipation between bodies, as well as the way tire friction is calculated during a collision. This is a global change, which results in “softer” collisions, where collisions absorb energy and the collision impulse happens over a longer period of time.

2) In multiplayer events, collisions are now resolved locally and blended when the game receives an update from other player(s) in the same multiplayer match. Effectively this means that multiplayer collisions now work like single-player collisions, even in high-latency scenarios.

3) A new Collision Assist setting scales the amount of body rotation a car can impart on another car in a crash. Players can choose to turn the Collision Assist on or off and players will have the option to create lobbies that use this assist (or ones that do not). This collision assist is meant to curb griefing; and a car hit by a car with this assist engaged will also receive the assist.
Hot Wheels DLC Announcement

As well as the update, the promised Hot Wheels content arrived to celebrate the brand's 50th anniversary. Seven vehicles have been added to the game, as well as new Driver Gear suits that can be earned in #Forzathon events. You can see a full list of those events here.

The full list of other fixes and additions can be found in the spoiler below. Meanwhile, the developer's latest stream went into details on this month's update, starting with a trailer for the new Hot Wheels content. There's also a brief look at the Season 3 update for Forza Horizon 4. The trailer begins at 2:11, whereas the stream itself begins at 2:55 if you want to skip ahead.

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The November Update and the new Hot Wheels content are both available in game now.
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