Descenders' Latest Update Brings Both Tricks And Treats

By Andy Mills,
As you may have noticed, it was Halloween last week. Even if you didn't, Dutch developer RageSquid certainly did and they got in the spirit of the season with the "Trick-Or-Treat" update for their downhill biking roguelike Descenders. Luckily for players in this case, both the tricks and the treats are enjoyable. The trick comes in the form of new trick and bail systems that will challenge players to nac nacs and no-handers while trying to avoid hitting the dirt. The treat covers everything else: a replay mode has been made for players to show off their best runs, and new bikes, gear and even a whole new environment have been added to give players more reasons to keep taking on those slopes.

Descenders Trick or Treat update

The "Trick-or-Treat" update is available for Descenders — currently in Xbox Game Preview — now.

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Andy Mills
Written by Andy Mills
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