FFXV's Comrades DLC to Release Standalone in December, DLC Version Discontinued

By Kevin Tavore,
Final Fantasy XV had evolved into a games as a service game in the years since its release. On top of single player DLC, fans have also been able to enjoy the cooperative Comrades mode to level and get loot together. The mode has certainly been an unqualified success, and Square Enix is looking to expand its reach. To do so, they're taking a major step we don't often see and spinning off that mode into its own title.

Final Fantasy XV: Comrades will be the same mode fans know and love. You'll team up with up to three friends to complete hunt, guard and convoy quests to get valuable loot and experience. As well, ten new high-level bosses will be added to provide additional challenges for dedicated players. It's not clear if the mode will allow you to transfer your saved character or if it will have its own achievements.

However, we do know the mode will be closing for Final Fantasy XV, and along with it the achievements will become unavailable. Comrades will launch on December 12th, so you have until then to wrap everything up before they are discontinued. If you're looking to jump into the new version, it will be free to play for players who bought the DLC and $10 USD for everyone else.
Kevin Tavore
Written by Kevin Tavore
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