Neverwinter's Mod 15: The Heart of Fire Will Be Coming Soon To Consoles

By Ozan Erhalac,
Mod 15: "The Heart of Fire" update for Neverwinter is available right now for PC and brings with it myriad changes. The new update includes an all new, original adventure written by the founders of Penny Arcade and will task players with questionable tasks from infiltrating a beholder convention to fulfilling the whimsical wishes of a mountain-sized giant. Check out the launch trailer below to see what is in store.

Additionally, Mod 15 will also include a campaign to go alongside the story, an Acquisitions Incorporated base in the heart of Protector' Enclave, changes to classes (RIP Trickster Rogues, you were popular for one Mod) and a complete overhaul of professions and many more.

The Heart of Fire update will feature:
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Neverwinter's Mod 15: The Heart of Fire update is available now for PC and will be coming soon to consoles.

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