State of Decay 2 Getting Three More Updates Beginning Next Week

By Mark Delaney,
From the stage of X018, Undead Labs revealed not one, not two, but three upcoming free updates to State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition, bringing new kinds of weapons, a new (but nostalgic) map, and an extreme difficulty mode among several other new tools and toys for survivors.

State of Decay 2

First, there's the "Zedhunter" update, coming on November 16th, which is highlighted by a Daryl Dixon-like crossbow making its series debut. The iconic weapon will be accompanied by several other new zombie erasers, including three new swords, three new knives, and five new consumable items which offer temporary boosts such as blocking your scent to zombies. There will also be a new facility mod that allows for extra consumable crafting and an ability to craft crossbows and bolts at your base.

Moreover, you'll now be able to re-roll your survivors' skills and give them new attributes, which is a feature many fans have wanted to see, and there are new skills to learn too. This update will come with new missions as well, and players who want to play those new missions are encouraged to follow markers for any mission titled "Mysterious Broadcast" when the title update drops next week.

Following this month's big update, Undead Labs has teased two more coming in 2019. The first will introduce a new harder difficulty for players who are especially masochistic. The already tough game will allow for players to take new or already existing communities and crank the whole self-preservation thing up a notch with a new optional extra hard mode.

Lastly, a fourth game map is coming to State of Decay 2 next year and though it's new to this game, veterans of the franchise will find it familiar. The Return to Trumble Valley update will follow the increased difficulty update and let you settle into the neighborhood of the first game with new challenges.

Look for the first free update next Friday, November 16th.

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Written by Mark Delaney
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