Spartans Arrive in Metro Exodus Collector's Edition

By Rebecca Smith,
Collector's Editions are all the rage right now. No longer are developers and publishers happy to release a single version of their title — there are often multiple versions from which players can choose, with different bonus content on offer. Metro Exodus is no exception. Having announced the standard edition, Gold Edition, Aurora Limited Edition, and even a carabiner compass pre-order bonus, the team has now added a fourth edition to the collection in the form of the Spartan Collector's Edition.

Spartan Collector's Edition

The Spartan Collector's Edition does not include a copy of the game as it is intended to be purchased alongside the Aurora Limited Edition or as a physical bonus to a digital purchase. However, it does include the following content:

Premium Quality Artyom Statue
This highly detailed, hand-painted resin statue stands at 10.5 inches high and captures the iconic scene from the Metro Exodus announce trailer of Artyom fighting off a deadly Watchman. Each statue is individually numbered.

Authentic Spartan Order Dog Tag
A finely crafted authentic replica of Artyom’s Spartan Order tag.

Authentic Spartan Order Patches
Two high quality Spartan Order patches.

"Artyom's Memories" - 4 Collectible Postcards
Arytom’s most treasured items are postcards from the world before it was devastated by nuclear war. Fans of the Metro series will recognise Artyom’s collection, given to him by those he encounters on his journey. Each postcard carries a message from his closest friends and companions.

Bespoke packaging
The Spartan Collector's Edition comes in gigantic, barrel shaped packaging, based on an in-game design.

The Collector's Edition is available exclusively through the game's official website and can be pre-ordered from here for £129.99 or regional equivalent. The game will be released on February 22nd, 2019.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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