Section 8: Prejudice Launch Trailer

By Keith Gray,
Ahead of the imminent release of Xbox Live Arcade shooter, Section 8: Prejudice, TimeGate Studios has released a launch trailer:

When Section 8: Prejudice, which is a direct sequel to Section 8, was originally announced, we provided details about the game modes which are available. Here's a quick recap:

Single Player - Five-hour, story-driven campaign
Swarm Mode - Four-player co-op action
Conquest Mode - Multiplayer, accomodating up to 32 players, with "highly customizable weapon and equipment loadouts, deep level progression and unlockable content systems"

Section 8: Prejudice hits the Games Marketplace on April 20th (as confirmed last week). There is set to be a Games for Windows Live version of game, which will become available on May 4th. The linked release date confirmation article also explains the loyalty rewards which are available to those gamers who have played the original Section 8 retail title on their current gamertag!
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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