HRX: Paladins Getting More Crossplay, New Champion and Season 2 Improvements

By Kelly Packard, 5 months ago
The Hi-Rez Expo is this weekend in Atlanta, and with it are a lot of announcements. The Paladins: Champions of the Realm news from the event includes the upcoming addition of PC cross-play and cross-progression, the reveal of new champion Imani and what players can expect in the hero shooter's second season.


PC joins the cross-play party

Paladins already had cross-play between the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions, but soon PC will join the party too. Cross-progression will also be introduced, which will allow players to carry their experience, as well as owned items, between Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. Cross-play and cross-progression are scheduled to arrive in 2019. PlayStation 4 wasn't announced to be included in cross-play and cross-progression yet, but Evil Mojo hinted that they have the framework in place to implement cross-play for additional platforms when they are made available.

New champion Imani wields fire and ice

Imani, the next champion to be added, was also announced at the presentation. In a press release, Paladins developer Evil Mojo Games calls Imani the "most ambitious champion yet." Imani utilizes both fire and ice, and her ultimate ability summons an enormous dragon that the player can control. Imani's entry also concludes the Dragon's Call story line in Paladins and sets up the Season 2 story.

Season 2 improvements

Evil Mojo is also looking toward improvements and new features for Paladins' second season. Paladins will receive major content updates every month. The programming and quality assurance teams have been expanded, and 20-40% of each development cycle will be focused on polish. Patch 2.01 will be on the PC PTS server as of December 14th, giving the development team time to address issues before the new season launches in 2019.

Storytelling is another focus in Season 2, and when the new update launches each month, the story will progress too. Lastly, the Paladins community will be able to elect representatives who will represent the player base in talks with the development team, communicating issues or suggestions. The elected representatives, who will serve for one year, will be known as the Assembly of Champions. The Assembly of Champions also gets to visit Hi-Rez Studios once per year.

The Hi-Rez Expo lasts until Sunday, November 18th, so be on the lookout for more announcements.

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