Trouble Witches Neo Release Date Announced

By Dog of Thunder, 7 years ago
It sure has been a long time since we have heard anything about SNK Playmore's Trouble Witches Neo hasn't it? We first covered this game back on October 21st of last year. You can finally get your hands on Trouble Witches Neo in just two weeks on April 27th for only 800 MSP.

What sets Trouble Witches Neo apart from other side scrolling shooters is the alchemy system. Each of the eight witches can create a magical barrier that transmutes enemy bullets into gold coins that can then be spent at pumpkin shops for cards. These cards contain special abilities and power ups that can provide assistance for the crazy later levels. SNK Playmore has helpfully released this tutorial on how the system will work.

The Magic Barrier Tutorial:

The Card Shop Tutorial:

Trouble Witches Neo will also include five modes of play, including the exclusive "Xbox 360 Arrange Mode" which includes "numerous additional options." That is all SNK Playmore has said about that mode for now, but the others are far less mysterious: "Single Play", "Multi-play (OFFLINE Co-Op)", "Story Mode", "Score Attack", "Boss Attack" and "Online Co-Op".

Trouble Witches Neo will be getting a worldwide release on April 27th for 800 MSP.