PLATAGO! Super Platform Game Maker Canceled for Xbox

By NicoleRenee00,
For those who were excited to create their own platformers without the hassle or experience of coding, your dream may unfortunately end with the news that PlataGO! Super Platform Game Maker will now be a Switch exclusive launch. The game will not appear on Xbox One or PlayStation 4.


Originally promised in 2018, PlataGO allows players to create their own 2D platformers from various tools such as AI-based enemies, unique collectibles, and special environmental features, all through a drag-and-drop interface. Then, they can share the creation online for all the world to see, and even download platformers from other players online.

A reason for the cancellation was not given; however, Super Icon, the developer behind PlataGO, is a small indie-company that would no doubt be supported well through Switch. Fans from Xbox can still try the title through early access in Steam as well.