Sea of Thieves Update Drastically Improves Achievement Requirements

By Mark Delaney, 1 month ago
The latest content update for Sea of Thieves is out today and it brings a diverse list of changes, additions, and fixes. Most notably for this community, it addresses some of the game's achievements, making them more attainable. With 17 new commendations to chase (we'll have our guide up soon), 11 new titles, and a huge fix for achievement hunters, here's everything you need to know about Shrouded Spoils.


Expanded Ship Customization

Teased in earlier screenshots, players can now customize their capstan, wheel, and cannons. As with other items, different shipwrights will have different cosmetic sets available, so if you want to match your new items to the older ones, return to the previous salesperson and you can complete the set. These new cosmetics come in at 49,000 gold each.


For the first time, the seas will be sometimes blanketed in fog as low-lying clouds move across the map much like thunder and lightning storms always have. The decreased visibility will make for a new environmental challenge as pirates will now need to be more aware of their surroundings at all times or else you'll end up like the Titanic, crashing into unseen obstructions. Stock up on wooden planks!

New Megalodons

The Meg, first introduced in The Hungering Deep, is getting a cosmetic overhaul, with each one given a new name and appearance. Some are rarer than others too. Get acquainted (or maybe not, if you're lucky) with Crested Queen, Shadowmaw, Ancient Terror and "the extremely rare" Shrouded Ghost.

Kraken Updates

Sorry solo sloopers, but "Karen" can now come after you too, and she's been given a new attack, the Kraken slap. Rare has balanced the Kraken attacks better now based on crew sizes, and yes, for the first time ever, even a one-pirate ship can find itself in dark waters.

New Monstrous Rewards

Defeating the Kraken and Megalodons once rewarded victorious pirates with nothing but a sense of pride and a good tale to tell, but now they'll drop loot, letting you turn your victories into something more tangible. Defeat these sea-beasts and watch for the loot to rise to the surface. Don't anchor up without it!

Six New Forts

For the most belligerent pirates, six new skellie forts now rest in the world. Watch for the ominous clouds to form over them and be on your way to fight new battles.

New Fort Loot and Items

New extra powerful gunpowder kegs and Ancient Bone Dust crates can now be found exclusively at skeleton strongholds. You can cash them in for gold, or in the case of the Stronghold Keg, put it to more explosive use.

Skeleton Ship Improvements

Cursed Sails introduced at-sea "forts" in the form on skellie ships, but now like the Meg, they'll be roaming the world freely. Some will attack on sight, while others will only return fire when instigated, so tread carefully and don't get jumpy. You may be safe just to pass them by with a wave.

Mermaid Statues

Returning from their once time-limited event are Mermaid Statues, which now also drop loot for players. Break them down and trade in their gems to Merchants for more gold.

Achievement Rebalancing

Just days after we shared news of the world's first Sea of Thieves 100% completion, Rare has updated the game to make the achievements more attainable. Here's the rebalancing act right from the devs themselves:
We've listened to feedback and adjusted the requirements of some of the achievements related to cashing in items. These are: Black Powder Merchant, Merchant Voyager, Merchant Forager, Voyager of Lost Souls, Golden Voyager, Hoarder of Barnacled Gold, Hoarder of the Captain’s Gold and Master Hunter of Villainous Skulls. Players who earned those achievements before the rebalance will receive an exclusive in-game item over the next couple of weeks to mark their prowess. If you find you now meet the requirements, just cash in one more item to trigger your achievement!
The rest of the patch notes can be seen below. In terms of quality of life changes and additions to the game, Shrouded Spoils is the biggest update so far.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

This update is now live and comes in around 3 GB on Xbox One and 4.2 GB on Windows.

We've got the full list of Sea of Thieves achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.

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