Sea of Thieves Shrouded Spoils Guide - Earn 17 New Commendations

By Mark Delaney, 1 month ago
The fourth major content update for Sea of Thieves is now available. Shrouded Spoils brings to the game its most diverse and arguably biggest content update since its March release. Though there's no campaign this time, Rare has addressed nearly every facet of the game, with a particular emphasis on new ways to fight enemies and new ways to get rich. Additionally, there are 11 new titles and 17 new commendations teasing the faithful pirates of the game to go and earn them.

I'm hard at work unlocking all of those new titles and commendations myself and, as usual, I'm here to put some wind in your sails to get you moving toward another completion of the game's latest challenges. Without further ado, here's your Shrouded Spoils guide, showing you how to earn each of the 11 titles and the commendations along the way that will unlock them.

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Master of Stronghold Spoils

This first new title demands quite a bit of work, but it'll all be done at strongholds, so the most belligerent pirates should have no issues. As always with forts, teaming up with a competent crew will be the key to success here. Four commendations collectively unlocked will get you this new title. They are:

Master of Black Powder: sell 10 stronghold gunpowder barrels
Golden Master of Strongholds: sell 10 stronghold chests
Mystical Master of Strongholds: sell 10 stronghold skulls
Master of Ancient Bone Dust: sell 10 crates of Ancient Bone Dust

Ancient Bone Dust is a new Merchant Alliance item found exclusively at forts, so be on the lookout for this new item and don't raise anchor without it.

Master Kraken Hunter

With new attack abilities and now the chance to catch even sloops in her dark waters, the Kraken now must be defeated five times. Doing so will earn you two commendations:

Kraken Hunter: Defeat 1 Kraken
Master Kraken Hunter: Defeat 5 Krakens

Legendary Kraken Hunter

Like the others, this title will require you take on a few more Krakens. Doing so unlocks both this title and the commendation below.

Legendary Kraken Hunter: Defeat 10 Krakens

If you're new to the game, be sure to have lots of cannonballs on deck, and wood planks will be helpful too now that you can get attacked with the new Kraken slam ability. Focus on one tentacle at a time, per pirate. She has been better balanced based on the size of the crew she's attacking too, so know that if you have a four-person crew she will put up her fiercest fight.

What lies beyond the fog?What lies beyond the fog?

Hoarder of Mermaid Treasure

Mermaid statues have returned and now they even drop loot in the form of gems matching each statue's color. To earn this title you'll need to collect three different commendations.

Hoarder of Sapphire Mermaid Gems: sell 10 blue gems
Hoarder of Ruby Mermaid Gems: sell 10 red gems
Hoarder of Emerald Mermaid Gems: sell 10 green gems

If you missed the previous mermaid statue event, they tend to spawn in shallow waters, though they can sometimes be just barely on land or even much deeper, like at Shark Bait Cove where they're sometimes in the middle of the island. They're always in or near water though. Blue statues are destroyed easily, greens put up more of a fight, and reds will require three or four pirates in a joint, coordinated assault. Remember, they do area of effect damage if you get too close, but there's a small window wherein you can slash away with your cutlass and be just outside the range of taking damage. Sell ten of each colored gem to the Merchants Alliance and you'll become a famous statue smasher.

Hunter of The Hungering One

The Megalodons have now been made more diverse, each given their own unique look and frequency. This first new title comes from defeating the classic Meg, also known as The Hungering One according to the game's lore. You'll get both this title and the commendation of the same name, Hunter of the Hungering One for defeating her.

Hunter of The Crested Queen

The next new Meg is The Crested Queen. Again, defeating her will get you the linked commendation, Hunter of the Crested Queen.

Hunter of The Shadowmaw

The Shadowmaw is the third of five new Megs, and it should be noted each one gives you more doubloons than the last if defeated in the order in which they appear in this guide. I know one of the giant sharks is rarer than the rest, but I don't yet know if these doubloons also speak to their difficulty, or if some others are rarer too. Defeat her and get the related commendation, Hunter of the Shadowmaw.

Hunter of The Ancient Terror

The second to last new Megalodon is The Ancient Terror. In time, I'll be able to update this guide with visual details of each new Meg, but for now I am still out hunting them. Defeat this one and get the related commendation, Hunter of The Ancient Terror.

Hunter of The Shrouded Ghost

The last and rarest Meg maybe gives us a hint in its name. If it's shrouded, perhaps it spawns only in fog, which is also new to the game as of today's update. As I experiment with this theory, I'll keep you updated. Defeat her to also earn the related commendation by the same name, Hunter of the Shrouded Ghost.

Over 300 doubloons are up for grabs, and you can trade them in for the brand new ship customization items.Over 300 doubloons are up for grabs, and you can trade them in for the brand new ship customization items.

Golden Skeleton Captain

This new title demands you go to war at sea with the skellie ships. Unlike in Cursed Sails, these enemy ships now roam the world freely, much like the Megs, and may or may not attack on sight — though they'll always return fire should you shoot first. You'll unlock this title and the similarly named Golden Skeleton Captain commendation for selling 20 captain's chests, which drop when you defeat a skellie ship.

Mystical Skeleton Captain

Like the one above, you'll need to take on several skellie ships to unlock this final challenge. 20 skeleton captain skulls sold will net you the title and the commendation of the same name, Mystical Skeleton Captain.

This new update serves as both a better jumping on point for new players and a deeper experience for existing fans thanks to the way it diversifies what you can do and how you can get rewarded for it. It should help those pushing for Pirate Legend status get there faster, as now virtually anything you can do in the game, short of just sailing around and taking in the scenery, will reward you with some kind of loot.

This update's commendations are also its most time-consuming and difficult so far, so I strongly recommend you gather a crew if you're chasing these challenges. Defeating this many strongholds, sea monsters, and skeleton ships was never meant to be a solo endeavor — though it certainly still could be if you really want a challenge.

With so many of these tasks demanding your very best, it's vital you stock up on all supplies before setting sail, as even with a full crew ready to patch holes, bail water, and fire cannonballs, you'll still need the supplies for those tasks. Shrouded Spoils feels like an all-out war for players chasing the full run of new commendations. Bring your most trustworthy deckhands and have fun. I'll see you on the seas!

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