Square Enix Release Series of Periodic Trailers Ahead of Just Cause 4's Release

By James Kearle, 1 month ago
Marketing campaigns for upcoming games usually involve similar tropes. Some involve trailers showing off the game's set pieces, getting fans to savor the action and speculate over the game's themes. Others follow the trend of releasing live-action trailers, such as recent games marketed through or exclusive to Xbox. However, in the case of upcoming sandbox action-adventure Just Cause 4, publishers Square Enix has opted to publish the same trailer....five times.

Just Cause 4 screenshot

With Avalanche studios' latest dose of chaos launching on December 4th, Square Enix has taken the unique decision to release various versions of their new trailer remixed in the styles of decades past. Do you like bond-esque shutter transitions and mix-60's monotone narration? No problem. Perhaps you prefer cheesy rock riffs and distorted visuals? That's fine, too. Whatever your decade of choice, there is a trailer for you in the carousel below.

If this periodic take on Just Cause 4 does nothing for you, Square Enix has also released an integrated gameplay/live-action trailer titled "One Man Did All This?", showcasing Rico's havoc from the perspective of militia faction "The Black Hand".

Will you be picking up Just Cause 4 when it's released onto Xbox One next week? Let us know in the comments.

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