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By Rebecca Smith, 1 month ago
This week was the start of the Season of the Forge in Destiny 2. The season brings along new ranks, Triumphs, lore, and more pinnacle weapons to find in Vanguard missions, Gambit, and Crucible. However, this isn't the only content Bungie is planning to deliver for the game. Throughout the year, the team is planning three seasons of post-launch content that includes "events, activities, rewards, and updates", and they've released a schedule for players to see exactly what they can expect over the coming months.

Forsaken gameplay calendar

The three seasons will include content for Forsaken Annual Pass holders and those who are not. While their future plans are subject to change, of course, the team did go into more detail on what players can expect from the first season, the Season of the Forge. First up is the Black Armory, where Annual Pass holders will take on quests to find and reactivate four lost weapon forges, each of which will offer a weapon as a reward. On December 4th, the first quest, the Volundr Forge, will be available. This is followed by the Gofannon Forge on December 7th, the Izanami Forge on December 18th, and the Niobe Labs on January 8th, 2019.

December 7th is also the date to remember for the start of a new raid. This is followed on December 11th by the start of the Dawning; more details are promised soon but it's likely to be similar to the Christmas event that ran in the game during the same period in 2017. For the rest of the content due to arrive during this season, you can take a look at the more detailed calendar below:

Black Armory calendar

For more details on the above content, as well as a glimpse of it in action, take a look at Bungie's latest ViDoc that showcases the road ahead for Destiny 2 players.

The Season of the Forge is available now, with more content due to arrive throughout the year.

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